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LaTanya Culberath



LaTanya is a certified K-3 educator with 7 years of classroom experience.  She has also coached Middle School and Varsity Cheer Teams for four years and has developed and operated  a summer enrichment program.


Throughout her years of service, she has developed a passion for helping young girls find ways to build their confidence and self esteem.  She recognized the absence of consistent programs in urban areas designed to educate young girls othem on ways to  resolve conflict, express themselves in a positive manner, boost self esteem and simply have FUN!


I am g.i.r.l, which is an acronym for goal-oriented, imaginative, resilient, leader, was created to help fill that void.  "I want girls to be comfortable and confident in their own skin and inspire others to do the same.  We all have something special that makes us who we are and when you discover that, something magical happens!  I want all girls to experience life's beauty and gift the world with all they have to offer.  I see the potential of I AM G.I.R.L and the impact it will make along the way.  And that excites me!"


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